Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York Cheese Cake

Mr Harrick ordered a New York Cheese Cake a few days back from us. So here it is...
We took this picture when we were on our way delivering this cake to Tmn Sri Moyan. That's why you guys can see the box as the background pic. Haha.. Truly sorry for that..

Thanks Mr Harrick for the compliment. Happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed our cake. We're glad that you ordered 2 more New York Cheese Cake this coming December. Cheers.

@Vanilla Pastry

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blueberry Cake

We are happy to introduce one more cake we have in store for you - Blueberry Cake!! This cake is filled with juicy blueberry filling and almond flakes at the side. We have fresh cream and butter cream for this cake. Its your choice. You will enjoy every single bite!!!

It is only RM45 per kg - butter cream
RM55 per kg - fresh cream

@Vanilla Pastry

Blueberry Cake

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mini Cakes will be out this December

For all you cake lovers out there, we have something very special for you this coming December. A variety of cakes in small sizes are waiting for you. We have Carrot cake, New York Cheese Cake, Green Tea Cake, Fluffy Marshmallow Cake, Chocalate fudge etc. If you are looking for a gift for your love one, friends etc - this would be it!!! These mini cakes are also available for large orders as wedding door gifts or maybe as a birthday present.

Contact us for more details.

@Vanilla Pastry
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